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“MoneyPuck” An Advanced Statistical Look at the Chicago Blackhawks and the NHL

By Brian Kinkade
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Please excuse the lame title, I simply couldn’t resist.  Here we will take a look at the where the Chicago Blackhawks rank statistically, and what it means for the men in the indian head sweaters.  We will also look at where the Blackhawks’ individual players stand, when looked at through a statistical and advanced statistical lens.

Without getting too mathematical and boring, Corsi measures quality puck possession.  It is basically the sum of all chances for minus the sum of all chances against.  So, the higher the corsi, the higher the amount of scoring chances created, and thus more opportunities to score vs. being scored against, which of course tends to lead to more victories than losses.

Arguably the most effective Corsi statistic for measuring individul players is Relative Corsi Number.  Basically, relative Corsi breaks down the average number of net shots attempted per 60 minutes of ice time, for an individual player, compared to the rest of his team.  So, a positive Relative Corsi Percentage means that player, on average adds that many more shots on net, for his team.  It’s often easier when broken down into percentages, too.

Let’s take a look at Blackhawks  forwards’ Relative Corsi Percentages

[table id=10 /]

What stands out?

As expected, Jonathan Toews leads the way with his all-universe game of hockey, and he has the concrete points to go with it.

Andrew Shaw is much higher than expected.  This shows how great of a season he is having, as well as the big step forward he has taken, as a player, this season.

Brandon Saad really is having a spectacular season with his mini-Hossa like 2-way play.  He even plays on a the teams weakest defensive forward line, and manages to have a very good Relative Corsi Percentage.

Patrick Kane has not been bad, being so close to even.  He has been fantastic when considering the amount of points he scores.

It’s no secret that Brandon Pirri’s defensive game is a work in progress, but he is producing points at a very good pace.  Once his defensive game improves, look for his Relative Corsi Percentage to rise as well.

Brandon Bollig and Marcus Kruger are at the bottom of the list, as you would expect 4th line forwards to be.  They are often victims of not getting offensive zone starts, as well as not being on the ice for their offensive skills.

Now, let’s look at the defenseman.

[table id=11 /]

What does this say?

No surprise, the top-pairing of Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith lead the way.  Seabrook’s physical game, and stingy defensive game, and Keith’s puck moving ability give the Hawks one of the most reliable duos in the NHL.

Micahl Rozsival is much higher on the list than expected.  While his assignments given are much easier than most, his mistakes have been more glaring with harder to as watch turnovers, but in the end, he has been a bit of a positive.

Nick Leddy been good, with a perfectly even rating.  He has been a revelation in his time on the Power Play, this season, which these ratings do not take into consideration.

Niklas Hjalmarsson and Jonny Oduya are at the bottom, but this is largely due to strategic defensive zone starts to utilize Hjalmarsson’s shot blocking ability, as well as these this pairing’s offensive strength comes from shooting, rather than puck moving.  While this pairing has improved offensively, that is not their primary role, on this team.

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