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Top 5 Post-2000 Chicago Blackhawk Wins Over The Vancouver Canucks

By Phil Bausk
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Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

2. Game 7, 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs Conference Semifinals

This was a statement game for the ‘Hawks. Three second period goals put the game out of reach and the Canucks looked shell-shocked by the Blackhawk attack. This was a signature game for the future Stanley Cup champs and it was a huge game for young netminder Antti Niemi. This dominant showing provided some of the momentum that helped the Blackhawks go on and sweep the San Jose Sharks to make it to the Cup Finals. To me, this was Niemi’s coming out party and he showed he had what it took to be a champion goaltender. It also helped that Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo fell apart, not backing up much of his aggressive trash-talk that he had been spraying throughout the series.