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Joel Quenneville Throws Pirri In The Doghouse For Nothing (Except for An Unfortunate Play)!

By Keith Schultz

Pirri Gif

Joel Quenneville has a weird way to judge the youth in the Blackhawks system.  Jeremy Morin couldn’t do anything right which included a beautiful set up on a Andrew Shaw goal before he found his way back to Rockford.

Now late on Thanksgiving Day Eve, Brandon Pirri found his way into the Quenneville doghouse.  I usually watch Pirri for the entirety of his shift and he played well on both ends of the ice for most of the night.  There was one good defensive play midway through the 2nd period that Pirri play on the back-end was even mentioned by Edzo on the telecast.

Then with the Hawks down 1-0 a unfortunate play occurred with Pirri going for a poke check he lost his stick. The play may not be the best defensive play by Pirri, but it didn’t show that Pirri lacks a defensive mindset.

Pirri loses his stick, tries to get the puck pinched on the boards but misses then after taking a stride to get his stick he beelines right to the bench.  A penalty was called so Pirri was heading to the box for a unfortunate defensive play, then of course the Flames got the puck in front of Raanta and deposited into the back of the net.

The Flames were now up 2-0 and yes it was Pirri’s fault, but the play was not because of a bad mindset or not knowing his responsibility.  The play was just an odd unfortunate play by Brandon Pirri at probably the worst possible time of the game for the Blackhawks.

So what does old school Q do? He benches Pirri for the rest of the contest instead of telling the kid to shake it off!  The only problem with the 2013-2014 campaign is that the Hawks are highly successful 18-4-4 (40 points) yet the Hawks are winning despite all of Q’s old school thinking.

Quenneville has won 2 Stanley Cups but his old school thinking especially with young players is growing extremely thin to many fans, but no one will ever question Q when there are W’s going into the win column and 2 points heading to the points column.

Brandon Pirri is noticeably better in his defensive end from even the beginning of the season, and yet now he finds himself in the doghouse 1 game into the return of Michal Handzus to the 2nd line center.  By the way Handzus was never a factor at all on the offensive end, but Pirri is now in danger with Q all because of one unfortunate play.   The Hawks keep winning and Q keeps getting more free passes and in the end isn’t he just stunting the growth of the young talent the Hawks are trying to develop.

What do you think? Should Pirri be in the doghouse for this play? I don’t think so but it works out perfectly for Q putting Handzus back in to the 2nd line Center.

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