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How Does The “NEW” Salary Cap Affect The Chicago Blackhawks?

By Sean Fitzgerald

Nov 25, 2013; Edmonton, Alberta, CAN; Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith (2), Andrew Shaw (65) and forward Jonathan Toews (19) celebrate a goal by forward Patrick Kane (88) against the Edmonton Oilers at Rexall Place. Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Early this week, it was announced that the Salary Cap in the NHL would be increasing next season. The current NHL Salary Cap is at 64.3 million. That is down from the Salary Cap of 70 million from 2012-13. The projected Salary Cap for the 2014-15 season and beyond will be 71 million dollars. That is a 6.7 million dollar increase. The reason the NHL can raise the salary next season is  the 5.2 billion dollar deal the NHL signed with a Canadian television network this week.

This new Salary Cap affects all NHL teams in the same way. Each team can now spend more money on its players or on free agents. In the case of the Blackhawks, the new Salary Cap comes at exactly the right time. General Manager Stan Bowman has been inking core players to look terms extensions recently: Corey Crawford 6 years -36 million, Niklas Hjalmarsson 5 years 20.5 million dollars and Andrew Shaw 2 years 4 million. Those extensions are in addition to Duncan Keith‘s 13 year 72 millon dollar contract signed in 2009. And Brent Seabrook contract of 5 years 29 millon which was signed in 2011. The Blackhawks have 64,832,628 per committed to the Salary Cap next season. That leaves the Blackhawks with 6,682,372 in Cap space available.

As everyone knows, Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews will be unrestricted after free agents next season. Kane and Toews are likely to command in between Evgeni Malkin’s 7 year 76.5 million contract and Sidney Crosby‘s 12 year 104.4 million dollar contract.

Kane and Toews are both 25, two-time Stanley Cup Champions and Conn Symthe Trophy winners. Those are just some of the stats put up by Kane and Toews. There are way too many to list here. The fact is that they are going to fetch a pretty penny. That is why I decided their deals will between Crosby’s and Malkins.

I’m not a capalogist and I’m a few credits short of an accounting degree. I would have to guess that Stan Bowman and his staff had idea on the new Salary Cap number. I’m guessing that have a number in mind for both Kane and Toews. The number will satisfy their demands and the Salary Cap. I also feel that the number will not be so high that guys like Brandon Saad won’t be able to get paid when his times come.

I posed the question earlier, how does the new salary effect the Blackhawks? The answer is: It’s perfect timing for Kane and Toews to get paid. Everyone in Chicago is on board with that.

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