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The Chicago Blackhawks Remind Me Of A Great Chicago Dynasty

By Keith Schultz
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3. Both Teams Had a Defensive Specialist– The Bulls had two defensive specialists with Horace Grant in the first three-peat and goofball Dennis Rodman in the 2nd run of three.  The Blackhawks have their own specialist in Duncan Keith.  Keith had a tremendous season in 2009-2010 while on his way to winning his first Norris Trophy.  Duncan not only puts points on the stat sheet, but he is one of the best defenders and passers in the league.  Keith seems to just soak up ice time without his game wavering if you throw out 2010-2011.  Keith’s play after the first Cup was the worst case of Cup hangover, but he improved every year since 2011 and last season during the Hawks 2nd Cup run was back playing stellar defense and during the Bruins series always looked to be on the ice for the entire game.  With two Cups and Norris trophy in hand, the start to this season may be Keith’s best season to date.  Keith plays more than any other Blackhawk game in and game out and in the end he could be on his way to the Hall of Fame if his play stays on track.

2. Sharp-Shooters–  The Bulls at first had John Paxson who always seemed to nail clutch shot, then John Paxson Light came in when Steve Kerr came in for the end of the 90’s which led to his TV career.  The Blackhawks have their Sharp shooter who can be frustrating to watch at times when he always gets the most shots on goal even though most of them are right in the chest of the goalie.  That being said,  the Philadelphia Flyers have to be frustrated that they let Sharp leave for basically nothing in 2005.  Sharp is one of the few Hawks to play when there was no light at the end of the tunnel in the Hawks Dark Ages, and now through all the bad and then tons of good Patrick Sharp is a two-time Stanley Cup Champion and currently sits in a tie for 24th all-time in Blackhawks points.  Every championship team needs a scorer and no one scored more for the Blackhawks in the 2013 playoffs then Sharp’s 11 goals on the way to winning the Cup.