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The Chicago Blackhawks Unveil Their Stadium Series Jersey

By Keith Schultz

Chicago Blackhawks Stadium Series Uniforms (Picture Courtesy Of

After a seemingly long afternoon of teases by the Blackhawks Twitter account the Chicago Blackhawks have finally unveiled their Stadium Series jersey!! Let the orders begin, cash registers ring, and everyone complain well yes that didn’t rhyme!

Most of the Stadium series jerseys haven’t been to exciting and some like the Pittsburgh Penguins just look like the Boston Bruins jersey just with a different logo.

The Blackhawks will be wearing a black jersey when they faceoff against the Penguins on March 1 at Soldier Field so if you’re a fan of black jerseys you should love this version. Of course different jerseys are meant for one purpose and one purpose only and that is added revenue from sales of the third jersey.

The real question is do you like The jersey and are you going to buy one? Of course there is a poll to judge your response to the Chicago Blackhawks stadium series uniform unveil! Let us know what you think of today’s big Unveil!

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The Secrets of the stadium series (picture Courtesy of