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Jeremy Roenick Bashes Jay Cutler On Sunday Night

By Keith Schultz

Jeremy Roenick #27 Chicago Blackhawks (Picture Courtesy of

All the Chicago Bears needed was a victory Sunday Night and the NFC Central Division would be theirs for the taking and an automatic spot in the playoffs.  Unless you live under a rock or were working without internet capability you know that the Bears were destroyed on Sunday Night by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Former Chicago Blackhawk Jeremy Roenick took to Twitter last night and basically spoke his mind like almost any Bears fan was doing on Sunday Night, but the exception was he wasn’t venting about the team he directed it towards one person during halftime of the Bears game.

Of course Cutler is a polarizing player and has been a hot topic for most of the season, but anyone watching the game couldn’t possibly blame just Cutler for what was happening on the field since the entire team stunk up Lincoln Financial Field. After a few replies he fired this off on Twitter.

The game basically was over when the Bears didn’t score on the opening drive and then Hester fumbled away the kickoff return following the Eagles first touchdown, but according to Roenick it was #6 fault and everyone in the city should want McCown playing next Sunday. One last Cutler rant was sent out via Twitter before Roenick got off the bash Cutler train.

What do you think? Was Jeremy Roenick ok for these comments on Twitter or should he have kept his usual outspoken comments to  himself?