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The Blackhawks’ Top 10 Moments Of 2013

By Joe Kremel
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8. Patrick Kane Spin-O-Rama Backhander (Raanta’s First NHL Win VS Flames)

It was the year of Patrick Kane in 2013.  His confidence with the puck grew exponentially and these two goals are proof of that.

7. Marian Hossa Scores With 2.1 Left To Keep The Team’s Point Streak Going (Emery Makes 47 Saves)

This was a game the Hawks had no reason to win and yet they pulled victory from the jaws of defeat.  The goal was perfectly dramatic.  This game seems like it was foreshadowing game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final with the Blackhawks’ unwillingness to roll over and die.  Ray Emery deserves more credit than anyone else on the ice.  He made 47 saves and posted a .957 save percentage in this victory.

6. Patrick Kane’s Insane Pass To Hossa Against The Wild

Patrick Kane is back for the #6 spot on the list with this play.  His zone entry was fearless, his pass was pure skill, and Hossa’s finish was flawless.  It’s one of those plays that can help build a lot of confidence in a series.