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The Blackhawks’ Top 10 Moments Of 2013

By Joe Kremel
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3. Patrick Kane Hat-Trick Against Kings In The Conference Final (OT Game Winner)

(The OT winner is at the 2:56 mark)  Once again Kane steps up when the Hawks have a chance to knock out the defending Stanley Cup Champions.  The setup by Toews was perfect, and Kane’s shot was just under the crossbar.  Not much Jonathan Quick could do about it.  This would help give the Blackhawks some momentum going into the Cup Final.  Especially against a well rested and confident Bruins team.

2. Seabrook’s Game 7 & OT Winner After The Waved-off Goal By Hjalmarsson

The defense is the star of the #2 spot.  Hjalmarsson scores in the final minutes of the third period only to have it waved off on a terrible call behind the play.  The Blackhawks wouldn’t let that shake their focus though.  After the intermission the Blackhawks kept up the pressure on the Wings.  After Bolland knocks the puck loose Seabs carries the puck in and fires one that deflects off of Kronwall’s skate and in.  This was another game that couldn’t have been written any better.