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Selfish Reason: I want Slovakia to lose!

By Sean Fitzgerald

Let me start by saying that I am a USA Hockey fan first during the Olympics and a Blackhawks fan second. I would love to see Blackhawks players succeed in the Olympics EXPECT for this Tuesday. For my own selfish reasons I want Slovakia to lose. I will say it again, I want Slavakia to lose. It is not because I have ill will toward them or because I hate Michal Handzus, which I don’t.

The reason is the HEALTH OF MARIAN HOSSA! The health of Hossa is vital to the Blackhawks Stanley Cup title defense. Hossa been injured every season since coming to the Blackhawks. His first season 09-10 Hossa was recovering for shoulder surgery which limited him to 57 regular season games that season. They did win the Stanley Cup in 2009-10.  The following year Hossa only played 65 games due to injury and the Blackhawks lost in seven games to Vancouver.

In the 2011-2012 playoffs against the Phoenix Coyotes, the Hawks lost in six games. Hossa did not play in three of them due to injury. Everyone remembers that dirty hit put on by the human piece of scum that is Rafii Torres.  In last year’s Stanley Cup final Game 3, Hossa did not  because of a back injury. Ben Smith took his place in the lineup. The Blackhawks were shutout 2-0 in that game. It was their last loss of the Stanley Cup finals.

Hossa is arguably one of the best two way forwards in all of hockey. He is at .091 points per game average, his second best thus far with the Blackhawks. He provides dynamic passing on the Blackhawks top line and a great of example for younger players.

For all the Handzus fans, I know he plays for Slovakia and the Blackhawks. I also know he is AWFUL and shouldn’t be playing for either team.

The Blackhawks cannot win without a healthy Hossa. With Slovakia not duplicating its Vancouver magic, it makes sense in my mind to root against them.

It’s for the Blackhawks sake and Hossa’s sake that I do it.