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On Further Review – If Olympic Hockey Jerseys Predicted The Quarterfinals

By JoHannah Lowder

It’s down to the last eight teams to fight their way to the 2014 Olympic gold medal in Men’s Ice Hockey.  Predicting the outcome of the games based on what we know about the NHL players and coaches can be fun, but it can also be fun to base predictions on non-factors. Jersey color and style can have an effect on how you feel about a team and nothing to do with how they play game results. So based only on the looks of the Olympic hockey jerseys, here are my prediction for which teams will advance to the semifinals.

For Sweden, Johnny Oduya, Niklas Hjalmarsson, and Marcus Kruger will take on Anze Kopitar for Slovenia. The Swedes will wear their country colors of yellow and blue while Kopitar’s jersey reflects his country’s symbol of mountains and stars.

While I’ll be cheering for our Blackhawks players with Sweden, the yellow in their jerseys makes this a pretty easy win for Slovenia.

Next, Finland takes on the home team, Russia. Finland’s jerseys are a reflection of their country’s flag of white with blue crossed stripes. Alex Ovechkin will wear a jersey with his country’s colors of red, white, and royal blue with the Russian Coat of Arms as the main feature.

Every Blackhawks fan knows there is power in the red, and this matchup is no exception. Russia will win this contest of simplicity and boldness.

Jonathan Toews, Patrick Sharp, and Duncan Keith will play for Canada against Latvia. The Canadian jerseys are red and white with the signature Canadian maple leaf as the contrast. Latvian players will also wear a darker red and white with their country’s Coat of Arms in the center.

The Canadians win this one by default. Although Latvian jerseys look more traditional hockey jersey’s, their colors resemble the team colors for the Phoenix Coyotes a little too much for our taste.

The final matchup is between Patrick Kane for the United States of America and Michael Rozsival of the Czech Republic. Rozsival will wear his country’s colors with the Czech Republic’s Coat of Arms on his chest while Kane will wear red, white, and blue featuring a shield with the stripes of the flag and the stars reflecting in the blue of the jersey.

Jersey color and style have nothing to do with the game, but they define the good guys and bad guys while the clock is running. If the team is yours, it’s impossible to get enough of the color and style. What can I say, I have a weakness for the stars and stripes. And “USA” makes the best chant at any event, never mind looking great heading a shield on a hockey jersey. The American’s win this jersey contest for biased, sentimental reasons.

How would you predict the Olympic outcomes based on jerseys?

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