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Post Olympic NHL Power Rankings Week 20!

By Sean Fitzgerald
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9. Toronto Maple Leafs 32-22-6: The Leafs Phil Kessel was one of the best players for Team USA in the Olympics. Kessel recorded the first hat trick since John Sinclair. Kessel has been playing  his best hockey before teh break. The Leafs are hopeful that Kessel continues his high level of play. The concerns still linger about their goal tenders.

Last ten: 7-2-1, won 2

Playoff chances: The Leafs are slated to face the Boston Bruins in the first round.

8. Tampa Bay Lightning 33-20-5: The Lightning are close to getting their star back. Steven Stamkos is very close to be cleared to play. Samkos has been out since sustaining a broken leg on November 11th. Stamkos return would be a huge boast to the lightning. The lightning also added Mike Kostka off of waivers from the Blackhawks today.

7. Boston Bruins 37-16-4: The Boston Bruins would like to go to the Stanley Cup finals again, but this time they would like to win. They will need their best player Tuukka Rask playing at his very best. Rask was the at his very best the Bronze medal game against the USA. The Bruins should be feared in the East.

Last ten: 7-1-2, won 1

Playoff Chances: The Bruins are slated to play the Maple Leafs in the first round.

6.  Colorado Avalanche 37-16-5: The Avs have surprised a lot of people this season. Now the real test begins for the Avs, can they maintain success for a whole season? Matt Duchene experienced Olympic Gold with Team Canada and now he wants to experience Stanley Cup Glory.

Last ten: 6-4-0, won 1

Playoff Chances: The Avs are slated to take on the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round.