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Post Olympic NHL Power Rankings Week 20!

By Sean Fitzgerald
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5.  Chicago Blackhawks 35-11-4: The Blackhawks will have three goal medal winner in Jonathan Toews, Patrick Sharp, and Duncan Keith. They also have three silver medalist in Marcus Kruger, Niklas Hjalmarsson, and Johnny Oduya. The Blackhawks are hoping that their success in the Olympics translates into Stanley Cup Success.  The one cause for concern with the Blackhawks is Patrick Kane’s disappointment in the Olympics: will it effect his NHL game.

Last ten: 4-3-3, lost 1

Playoff Chances: The Blackhawks will take on the Avs.

4. San Jose Sharks 37-16-6: The Sharks are in the same position they always are in. They are very good regular season team, but can they get to the top of the mountain. Patrick Marleau and Marc-Eduardo Vlasic have reached the top of the Olympic mountain. Will their thirst for Stanley Cup glory be greater now than ever?

Last ten 6-4-0, won 2

Playoff Chances: Sharks are slated to face the Kings in the first round.

3. Pittsburgh Penguins  40-15-3: Sidney Crosby will enjoy Olympic Gold once more, the question is will he enjoy more success in the Stanley Cup playoffs? The key to the Penguins playoff run is the play of Marc Andre-Fleury. He is currently 31-13-2 on the season.

Last ten 6-3-1, Ot 1

Playoff Chances: they are slated to play the Red Wings in the playoffs.

2.   St. Louis Blues 39-12-6: The Blues are now in the home stretch of their season. The Blues T.J. Oshie is now an American hockey hero, but Team USA fell short. Will Oshie’s failure in the Olympics negatively affect the Blues Stanley Cup aspirations?

Last ten 7-2-1, won 2

Playoff Chances: The Blues are currently slated to play the Wild.

1.       Anaheim Ducks 41-14-5: The Ducks have experienced success all season long. Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf won the gold medal with Team Canada. Now they want the Stanley Cup! Will the ghosts of last year’s playoffs haunt them? Remember they were the two seed last season and then were upset by the Red Wings! The Ducks are currently flying high, QUACK QUACK QUACK!!!

Last ten 5-5-0 won1

Playoff Chances: The Ducks are slated to play the Dallas Stars in the first round.