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5 Thoughts From Watching The Sochi Olympics

By Keith Schultz
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The Gold Medal goes to Canada after beating an undermanned Team Sweden and before we get back to normal NHL coverage and the Chicago Blackhawks here are some thoughts about the Sochi Olympic games.

5. The NHL 2018 Debate– The NHL players playing in the Olympics makes the quality of play breathtaking in the Olympics, but will they continue to play in the Olympics the next go around. With so much money at stake there is no way that the NHL doesn’t return.  The debate will probably go on for an extended time before an agreement is reached, but in the end they will return. This doesn’t mean it makes the games better though, sure it was a different era and time, but the greatest Olympic sports memory doesn’t involve pros, but a bunch of upstart college kids that shocked the world 34 years to the day that Team USA embarrassed themselves in Sochi.  The Olympic tournament is the 2nd best hockey tournament in the world but do the memories really last forever with pro’s in them?  They will return but in the end we will still have lasting memories.

4. Stan Bowman Needs To Be Team USA GM in 2018.  Stan needs to be the man in 4 years after this group of guys fell short in Sochi.  Before the tourney everyone suggested that Team USA would struggle offensively and when they faced the best teams they struggled mightily.  Both Ryan and Saad could have been offensive threats for Team USA.  USA blazing through the preliminary rounds masked their weakness and it was very evident in the last weekend of the tournament.  Stan has mastered the salary cap and now should be given the final responsiblity of mastering the Team USA roster four years from now.