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5 Thoughts From Watching The Sochi Olympics

By Keith Schultz
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3. The Big Ice– At first look you see the big ice and think this should totally open up scoring but it does the total opposite. The Big ice turns every team into the 90’s New Jersey Devils and the most hated words trap game. It’s one thing to watch an up and down game that’s 1-0 like the Canada/USA game was but it’s another to watch 4 guys stand up at the blue line and then in front of their net.  I’m not looking to watch 9-8 games but 1-0 isn’t fun either.  If your going to have NHL players play in the Olympic let them play on the NHL size rinks because in hockey Bigger doesn’t mean better!!!

2. Patrick Kane Showed A Lot-  Patrick Kane showed just as much in skating away without a medal than he did hoisting 2 Stanley Cups.  Kane was on a lot of commercials and was possibly the Face of the country heading to Sochi and though seemingly snake bitten by not getting any pucks in the net, you could see how much this mattered to #88.  Coaches like to say you learn a lot more from defeat than you do from victory, and if this is so look out World in 2018!  Kessel scored early and often but it was Kane that carried the burden and now through defeat we saw the tears and sad pics and truly a fan favorite forever.