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What Outdoor Stadium Would Make For A Better Road Trip For Blackhawks Fans?

By Keith Schultz
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Notre Dame Stadium ( Picture courtesy of

The Blackhawks will be high on the list of teams to play in an outdoor game next season, but if they do get to play outside the chances are they will be the road team instead of an outdoor game returning to the city of Chicago.

Of course I think the Blackhawks, NBC, and Notre Dame stadium would make for a great partnership in an outdoor game.  The stadium is one of the most recognizable stadiums in all the country with it being home to one of the most well liked (and hated) team in all of the country.  Grant it this probably would be a home game but it would still be a road trip for the Blackhawks faithful but one you could definitely check it off a  sports fan bucket list.

The second road trip possibility for an outdoor 2015 hockey game for Chicago Blackhawks fans would be Busch Stadium in St. Louis.  Seeing a Blues vs Blackhawks game with the Arch in the background would be cool even if the Blues would be the home team. With the Blackhawks possible visit maybe we could see a Chicago team go into Busch Stadium and leave with a Victory.  Busch Stadium and the rivalry with the Blackhawks would make for a great game and a very good outdoor “Classic”.