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What Outdoor Stadium Would Make For A Better Road Trip For Blackhawks Fans?

By Keith Schultz
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The next to last stop on my list of outdoor sites would be Target Field in Minnesota.  The Hawks and Minnesota Wild do not have the history and rivalry that the North Stars had with Chicago, but it’s a rivalry that will continue to grow with the teams now in the same division.  Target Field doesn’t have the history that other sites do but it’s a great ballpark visually and would make for a great place to host an outdoor game.  Throw in that the Wild traded Nick Leddy hometown product to Chicago would be a great feature to throw in on that telecast.

Lastly, my wildcard pick would be Cowboys Stadium (AT&T Stadium) in Dallas.  This way the NBC Network could show Jerry Jones and his palace and ridiculous scoreboard on display for an entire day. Sure the Stars aren’t probably a big enough draw by themselves to get an outdoor game, but Jerry Jones is and with all the dollar bills available to him he could easily lobby Gary Bettman for this game!

Which city would you want to travel too for an outdoor game?