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How Nervous Does The Miller Trade Make Blackhawks Fans?

By Keith Schultz

Ryan Miller has been exiled from Buffalo and landed in St. Louis.  This trade by the Blues brass has to make everyone that lives near the arch think that this is their season.  The Blues are a very good team but with Miller now as their back stop they can be almost scary good and a real threat of a team that stands between the Blackhawks and a consecutive Stanley Cup.

The Blues currently are tied for first place in the Central Division with the Blackhawks and are looking to become an elite team so acquiring Miller could be  the final piece to the puzzle for the Blues to get past both their nemesis the LA Kings and of course one of their biggest rivals the Chicago Blackhawks.

As a Blackhawks fan this is possibly the worst trade that could have happened at the trade deadline with the Blues picking up Miller.  Of course playing for the Sabres Miller’s stats aren’t that great except for the fact he has a .923 save percentage and a 2.72 Goals against Average while playing for one of the worst teams in the NHL. Now he goes s to a tough defensive team so not only will his stats get better, the Blues of all teams get better.

So what do you think as a Blackhawks fan? How Nervous does this trade make you?

Ryan Miller’s career record in the playoffs is 25-22 and if he doesn’t pick up 16 wins in the playoffs this trade will not be considered a success.  Let’s hope he’s not!! Our first look of Miller in a Blues jersey will be March 19th in Chicago at the United Center.

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