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NHL Trade Deadline Winners and Losers: Central Division

By Brian Kinkade
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Jan 14, 2014; Sunrise, FL, USA; Florida Panthers goalie Tim Thomas (34) makes a save in the third period of a game against the New York Islanders at BB&T Center. The Panthers won 4-2. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Stars: Losers

Additions: Goaltender Tim Thomas2014 Conditional 3rd or 4th round draft pick

Subtractions: Defenseman Stephane Robidias, Goaltender Dan Ellis

It’s confusing, but it could wind up being boldly genius, however, at this moment in time, these moves look bad.

Right now, the Stars are sitting in the 2nd wild card spot, in the Western Conference playoff picture, so for a team that would be in the playoffs, if the season ended now, it’s hard to put a finger on Dallas’ deadline moves.

The Stars have a great goaltender, in Kari Lehtoneneven though he has struggled a bit, as of late, he is going to be their starter, down the stretch, and in the playoffs, no matter what.  The backup goaltender spot has been troublesome, in Dallas, so Thomas does definitely help, there, but this late in the season, the help is minimal at best.

However, it is possible that the addition of Thomas is more for his intangible assets that he brings, to the table.  Thomas has done it all, at the NHL level, so his experience and veteran presence will certainly help and may even do wonders, for Lehtonen, but that remains to be seen.  Also, it is hard to put a price or quantify intangible contributions, that the Stars are likely relying on Thomas to provide.  We’ll see.

The subtraction of the long-time Star, and veteran, Robidas is definitely a peculiar move.  Robidas is the type of player that a team making a late-season playoff push typically adds, not subtracts.   

Very curious moves, from the Stars, but you never know, it just might pan out, positively, for them.

Lots of moving and shaking, in the Central Division, but at the end of the day, the Blackhawks look like they remain in very good standing, going forward, into the playoffs.

Sometimes, the best trades are the ones that you don’t make.