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5 Reasons To Hate The St Louis Blues

By Joe Kremel
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We posted this last spring, but I thought with the game tonight it would be a good time to revisit this and maybe someone else has something to add to the list!

Blackhawks Vs Blues: Rivalry night with actual rivals! Time to poke the bear! Photoshop by Joe Kremel of

It’s the NHL’s Wednesday RIVARLY NIGHT!  The night where most teams that have no beef with each other get matched up for an over hyped game!  The NHL finally got a Hawks rivalry game with an actual rival!  While I’m not sold on the NHL’s spin on their rivalry nights, I do get excited for any time the Hawks play the Blues.  In my excitement, I decided to try my hand at fanning the flames of rivalry with these five reasons to hate St Louis.

5) David Backes – He plays the game hard, and he doesn’t take nights off.  I get why he’s the captain of the team; he is a solid player.  But let’s be honest, he’s no Jonathan Toews no matter how many Blues fans claim otherwise.  The guy is a one man wrecking crew, which I guess the people in St Louis love, or maybe it was his puppy kissing that won them over… either way he lacks the true skill to be compared to the other great captains that play the game.  If he stopped trying to smash everything that moves, he may be able to produce a few more points over the course of the season.  Now, Backes isn’t all bad if you’re American, and your team doesn’t have any Canadian stars.  But of course the Hawks do, and that’s going to invite trouble.  David Backes is well known for his attempts to sabotage the Canadian Olympic team by trying to take out Jonathan Toews, Joe Thornton, Corey Perry, and Rick Nash right before the Vancouver Olympics.  One may surmise that he may have another go at the talented Canadians again with Sochi just around the corner.  His attempts to destroy the more talented players is a good enough reason to dislike the guy on the ice, even if he is awesome off the ice.

4) The Pizza – Yes, this topic is the easy one to complain about.  St Louis’ need to punish the good folks from Chicago with their terrible pizza is uncalled for, especially when their only crime is wanting to watch a game in St Louis.  When you get to indulge in the amazing variety of food, and specifically pizza, that Chicago has to offer, you do get a bit spoiled.  After a few visits to St Louis, I learned to stop giving their pizza a chance and just go eat anywhere over at the hill for some decent Italian.  To be fair, you can find some mom and pop shops that serve up some good BBQ, but I have yet to find a pizza place that didn’t leave me disappointed.  If you are driving out to St Louis for a Hawks game or a Cubs game, I would recommend doing some research before heading out for food.  Of course, the pizza might be revenge for the whole reverse flow of the Chicago River.  For those of you that don’t know, Chicago reversed the flow of the river so the sewage wouldn’t flow into Lake Michigan.  It got sent down towards St Louis which might help explain a lot of the anger issues between the cities.