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5 Reasons To Hate The St Louis Blues

By Joe Kremel
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Hawks forward Brandon Bollig brings the Cup to St. Louis, instilling hope in the youth of the city. Photo from

3) Cup Envy –  The Blues have had it rough when it comes to SCF appearances, so I cut them a little slack, but the cup envy is strong with them.  The Blues’ irrational and unbridled anger stems from a lot of things, but most of it comes from the cup, or lack thereof.  Coach Quenneville first coached the Blues from 96-04, never once posting a losing record, and yet they fired him.  He comes to Chicago a few years later and wins two Stanley Cups.  All the while the Blues toil with one disappointing season after another.  They have to see Bollig not only beat up on Reeves, but then parade Chicago’s Cup all over St Louis.  We have a world class group of forwards and defense that doesn’t need to goon it up to win a cup.  Chicago won both cups with a goalie controversy.  St Louis sees that, then looks at Brian Elliot and angrily realizes that Elliot is no Niemi.  Why must the fan base and the franchise lash out at Chicago for the mismanagement of their team?  Just another reason to dislike the Blues since we know that Chicago would never provoke any type of reaction from the less fortunate.

2) Ryan Reeves / Barret Jackman – This is probably the first real reason to hate the St Louis Blues, at least for the younger fans.  Reeves is the guy that wants to fight Patrick Kane but ran from John Scott in the same play.  When he finally decides to fight Scott, he does so by attacking him from behind.  He’s also the guy that tries to fight Brandon Bollig, but he just can’t seem to win.  He is a slightly tougher version of Pat Kaletta, and that is all you really need to know to not like him.  Jackman is cut from a similar cloth, but at least he will answer the call to pretty much anyone.  Jackman shares the number two spot for his talent of throwing in a number of cheap shots per game.  You only need one of these types on a team, and the Blues have a few.