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5 Reasons To Hate The St Louis Blues

By Joe Kremel
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Scott Stevens felt the wrath Dave Manson in the St. Patrick’s Day Massacre

1) The St. Patricks day Massacre –

I know, this is the incident that so many hockey fans look back to when they talk about reasons to hate the Blues and vice versa.  Scott Stevens was running the Hawks the whole game and was successfully getting the Hawks to bite.  In spite of his success in agitating the Hawks, the Hawks won 6-4 after the massive brawl.  Manson served up a nice beating for Stevens leaving him bloodied.  When the brawl was all said and done, the Blues had 120 penalty minutes to Chicago’s 161.  The Players might be different, but the history remains.  New fans and players alike feel the animosity that runs between these two team.  When you enter the opponents building, you just know that there is always a fair chance for chaos to breakout.  It’s exactly what a rivalry night