Blackhawks News

Step Away From The Ledge

By Keith Schultz

Feb 12, 2014; Krasnaya Polyana, RUSSIA; Franziska Fritz poses for a picture for teammate Sandra Kiriasis (GER) of the women

The Blackhawks have looked totally horrific the last two outings and by reading Twitter you would think that we are on deck of the Titanic right now instead of one point away from clinching the teams 6th straight playoff spot and right on mark for a possible repeat bid.

Sure the offense has been incredibly inconsistent for a month now, but teams are pressing the Hawks nightly and the Hawks have not brought a full arsenal of its artillery to a game since the Olympic break.

If there is something to get your stress level up is the way the defense has been playing lately, sure they were pressing late last night which began a parade of odd man breaks for the Senators, but they all seemed to have fallen into some bad habits which are harder to break than just throwing a healthy #88 on to the ice when the playoffs start mid April. The defense needs to tighten the screws and get back to their style of play on a nightly basis.

The offense is another issue, the Hawks have serious possession time but Andrew Shaw is the only net presence the team has of late. The secret to Bickell’s playoff success last season was his big frame was parked in front of Jonathan Quick and all the other opposing goalies during the playoffs.  Bickell is missed only if he brings that attitude to him when he’s healthy and back on the ice.  The concern is he’s been out 5 games now and hasn’t seemed 100% all season. The other bad habit is Shaw’s nightly brain fart! Hopefully last night Spear won’t cost him much, but he needs to stay on this side of the line!

People are already throwing in the towel but that’s ridiculous we have seen this team play great hockey before and all it takes is a funny bounce or big save and all of sudden the momentum will be full speed ahead and if the beginning and end of last season is any indication this lull is just the darkest part of the night before the dawn!

The Hawks are struggling right now, but come April it will be all right.  Take a step back from the ledge and have a great Saturday!