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The Dirty Dozen: Final Countdown for Playoff-Bound Chicago Blackhawks

By Ericka McFee
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Nashville Predators, Saturday April 12 (away)

Although it would have been preferable to host the last game at home to get a great sendoff from fans right before the playoffs, alas. The last game will take place in Music City instead. I suppose there are worse places to end the regular season, but hopefully not worse ways to end it. The Hawks have had rotten luck when it comes to playing against the Preds this season: they have only won a single game out of the four played so far in the series, from getting blasted 7-2 last November to getting shut out 2-0 just over a week ago. If there is a single must-win game for the Hawks in these 6 before playoffs, it is this one – for the players’ sanity as well as that of the fans.

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