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Old School Hockey vs. New School Hockey: A Debate That Needs to Die

By Brian Kinkade
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June 11, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; NBC hosts from left Liam McHugh , Mike Milbury and Keith Jones prepare for game six of the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals between the Los Angeles Kings and New Jersey Devils at the Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

I thought so, anyways.

To play old school hockey is to stop playing hockey, during a hockey game, and have the players essentially become bounty hunters, hunting down opposing players.  This style of play is the most sure fire way to being unsuccessful, in the game of hockey.

New school hockey, which Hawks head coach, Joel Quennevilleinstructed his team to continue playing, after the hit on Toews, is the only way to truly play hockey.

Even after the vicious Raffi Torres hit, on Marian Hossa, during the 2012 playoffs, Quenneville still insisted that his team stick to the game plan, and play smart hockey.

Unlike Milbury, Quenneville has had success coaching, in the NHL.  While Milbury and his old school ways earned him an under .500 career winning percentage, as a head coach, Coach Q has the 3rd most wins, of all-time, amongst NHL head coaches.  Not a coincidence.

New school hockey is logical, forward thinking, mature, and efficient hockey.  It is hockey that doesn’t stop to let it’s players become mindless goons, instead it is hockey that is always progressing and trying to WIN THE GAME.  After the Orpik hit, the Hawks peppered Penguins goaltender, Marc-Andre Fleurywith shots-on-goal, as the best way to get revenge, would be to win the game.

Unfortunately, the Hawks didn’t win the game, because hockey games, especially against a team like the Penguins, are hard to win.

What’s more important?  Hitting a Pittsburgh player, or earning 2 points, to stay ahead of the Colorado Avalanche, for home-ice advantage, in the 1st round of the playoffs?  If you have to think about the answer, then just stop reading this article.

Home-ice advantage, in the 1st round, means a better chance of the Hawks advancing, in the 1st round, which obviously means a better chance of the Hawks making it to the Stanley Cup Finals and better chance of repeating as Stanley Cup Champions.

Isn’t that why they play?  Isn’t that the ultimate goal?  Isn’t that what you, as a fan of the Hawks, want more than anything, for the Hawks?

If you said no to that last question, then do us all a favor and never watch hockey, ever again.

Anyone who says that new school, less physical, more offensively-minded hockey is soft, or wimpy is more often than not an insecure buffoon that is unable to keep up with the ever-changing world of hockey, around them.

Hockey is already a tough sport, that requires mental toughness as well as physical toughness from each and every player that plays it.

New school hockey which is best defined as actually playing hockey, when compared to old school hockey.  It is finding a way to score more goals than the opponent, which is the whole point of playing the game to begin with.