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Keepin’ It (Over) 100

By Andrew Gregory

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

I sit to write my first article for Blackhawk Up the morning after the Hawks finally eclipsed the 100 point mark for the season (43-19-15, 101 Points), by beating the Minnesota Wild in a shootout. Watching the Blackhawks this season has been an amazing experience for me. I haven’t been what most would consider a die hard hockey fan for very long. I always kind of paid attention from the outside while watching my other sports like basketball, baseball, and football. I got into the sport of hockey almost two years ago. Since then, my fandom has flourished. Being from Southern Indiana, which is not a hockey area by any means, it was kind of difficult to get into. The games were not broadcast, there are no local professional teams, and most people here don’t consider it a relevant sport. In basketball and baseball, I had always loved the Bulls and White Sox, so subconsciously, I always cheered for all Chicago sports.

That is how I became a Blackhawks fan. When hockey became of relevance in my life, and I truly discovered my love for it, there was nothing holding me back from becoming a die hard Hawks fan. I was lucky enough to watch the Blackhawks magical 2013 campaign unfold, and end in a Stanley Cup championship. I attended my first Blackhawks game with my dad on January 12 of this year against the Edmonton Oilers. Now I’m gearing up for what I hope is another long post-season run for this incredible team.

As my love for sports has grown, so has my desire to write about it them. Since sports journalism is a dream of mine, I am truly blessed to have an opportunity to write for this amazing site!