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Seabrook Hit & Blackhawks GIF Highlights

By Joe Kremel
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Seabrook’s hit on Backes angle #1

This will most likely end up a suspension for Brent Seabrook . While he does keep his skate on the ice… this hit is all face.  If you weren’t up to date on anatomy the face is connected to the head and head shots are a major no-no.

Seabrook’s hit on Backes angle #2

This angle doesn’t do anything to help Seabs.  No matter how you look at it, this is bad.  David Backes tried to go after Duncan Keith after he got up since he had no clue where he was or who nailed him.  That may have amused some, but I’m sure that will not be in Seabrooks favor when the NHL reviews the play.

Blackhawks 1-2  Duncan Keith (1) Slapshot – ASST: Kris Versteeg (2), Brent Seabrook (2)

Hey!  The Blackhawks got someone to the front of the net and we scored! Q, take notes on this concept.