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The Sound and the Fury: Five Frustrating Things from the Chicago Blackhawks Playoffs Series (So Far)

By Ericka McFee
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Credit: Scott Rovak – USA TODAY Sports

The surest way you can tell when you are really, truly angry about something is when you have slept on it, but you still wake up just about as mad as you were before you went to bed.

After having some time to reflect on last night’s debacle, in which the Chicago Blackhawks was said to have “snatched defeat from the jaws of victory,” losing 4-3 in OT (for the second straight game) against the St. Louis Blues, I’m not quite as mad as the character of Howard Beale from “Network.” Not anymore, anyway. But I still have some bones to pick. Here are some of the people on my you-know-what list, in order of increasing rage:

5. The Players

You may wonder why the players are at the bottom of the list (rank-wise). If so, you may belong in one of the groups listed further down in this article.

Granted, the Hawks did not start the first two games of the series on the right foot; in fact, it was more like more like two left feet. Descriptive phrases like “Gong Show” and “Keystone Cops” popped up all over Twitter like spring dandelions. And that was perhaps being kind. Meanwhile, goalie Corey Crawford was doing his level best to keep the team in the game and prevent a blow out or shut out. The rest of the team had to work so hard to get back in the game and take the narrow lead that they petered out in the waning seconds of each game.

But they did fight back nonetheless, instead of lying down and just taking it. They didn’t simply throw in the towel and quit. Thus, while they made some costly mistakes (*cough* penalty right at the end of regulation *cough*), they do not draw as much ire from me as some of the other offenders on my list.