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The Sound and the Fury: Five Frustrating Things from the Chicago Blackhawks Playoffs Series (So Far)

By Ericka McFee
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The Cubs had Bartman. The Hawks have this guy. #infamous fans

2. Other Hockey Fans (and Players)

Perhaps this shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but a lot of fans from other teams don’t much care for the Blackhawks. Call it rivalry, call it jealousy. Call it what you will.

What gets my goat (as it were) is not merely the ignorant comments or pure drivel – that is par for the course, really – but rather the infuriating, hypocritical calls for Seabrook’s head in the wake of an allegedly “dirty” hit. Even USA Women’s hockey player Amanda Kessel joined in that chorus, making me lose whatever respect I had for her.

While some Hawks fans (including myself) thought that there should have been at least some response (read: gritty and aggressive, yet legal) after the Orpik hit on Toews, that did not include “eye for an eye” type of dirty hits, or for him to sit out the rest of the year. For what it’s worth: I am no fan of David Backes, but I certainly hope he is okay, and is able to play Game 3.

Stay classy, hockey fandom. And speaking of fans…

1. (Some) Blackhawks Fans

Nothing makes my blood boil more than a turncoat.

Some Hawks “fans” – and even one is too many, in my book – are already throwing their hands in the air, having either written the team off like some of the media pundits mentioned above, or simply refusing to follow any more games. I can see why people are tempted to break out the “B” word.

I get it. Nobody wants to be disappointed. But why tuck your tail and run at the first sign of struggle? I’m sure glad the Blackhawks don’t respond to obstacles the same way. If they did, they would not have overcome a 3-1 series deficit against the Red Wings to move on to the Western Conference Finals last year. And they wouldn’t have overcome a 2-goal gap to win the cup in the Finals against the Bruins.

My favorite quote from any player has always been, and likely always will be: “We never quit.” That was from none other than the (unofficial) Conn Smythe runner-up from last year, Corey Crawford, describing the resiliency and work ethic of the Chicago Blackhawks. Perhaps that is really what other teams hate (and fear) the most.

But that’s one thing we Hawks fans should love, and not forget, about this team. Win or lose, they do not quit. And neither should we, even when (and especially when) the chips are down.

And with that, the nay-saying “Hawks fans” are my Enemy Number One. But I’m hoping they can come back around to join the rest of us to cheer for our team, and make this round of the playoffs end for the Blues on a sour note.