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Five Reasons Blackhawks Fans Should Be Rooting For The Wild Tonight

By Keith Schultz
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Feb 12, 2014; Krasnaya Polyana, RUSSIA; Franziska Fritz poses for a picture for teammate Sandra Kiriasis (GER) of the women

2. Altitude vs Land of 10,000 Lakes- If anyone has run or exercised at any type of altitude you know the burn your lungs feel and no matter how great of an athlete you are the altitude is a killer and is a serious home ice advantage for the Avalanche.  The Wild on the other hand play at sea level or make that Lake level and only have a home crowd advantage until the Hawks lead on the scoreboard.  The Hawks were 1-1 in Minnesota last spring during the playoffs while they have struggled at times in Denver.  A mile high could be the biggest home ice advantage in the NHL so rooting against that is a no brainer.

1. Home Ice Advantage- All the other points have their importance, but the biggest reason Hawks fans should be rooting for the Wild is that the Hawks would have home ice advantage! If the AV’s win its possible that if the Hawks keep advancing they would never have home ice so why not root for the Wild and home ice advantage for the Hawks.  The Hawks are 2-2 in their last four series without home ice advantage while they haven’t lost a series with home ice since the Toews/Kane era began.  Home ice doesn’t guarantee a victory, but it sure something nice to have in your pocket anytime during the playoffs!

No series is a gimme and all Hawks fans should be happy the series went 7 games for the extra rest for the Hawks, but these are my five reasons the Hawks should be rooting for the Wild tonight!

Who do you want to win tonight?

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