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Playoff Preview: Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild Defensemen Preview

By Brian Kinkade
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Here’s what the Wild defensemen did, during the regular season.

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Not a lot that blows you away, here.  Ryan Suter had impressive numbers, though.  Suter, along with his d-partner, Jonas Brodintypically play around 30 minutes, per night, and are quite a formidable duo.

The pairing of Jared Spurgeon and also Marco Scandella are also a very good pairing, not quite as good as the Suter/Brodin pairing, though.  This pairing is less physical, but possesses comparable offensive upside.

Nate Prosser and Clayton Stoner don’t offer the same upside as the Suter/Brodin pairing, or even the Spurgeon/Scandella pairing.  This pairing is more of a filler pairing, to give the other two high-quality pairs a breather, every now and then.  They don’t usually get a lot of ice-time, but that’s not to say their terrible.  This can be a tough group to play against, in deep.

Here’s how Minnesota’s d-men played, against the Avalanche, in the 1st round.

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Much like the forwards, the Minnesota defensemen absolutely hogged the puck, against Colorado.  With both Ryan Suter and Marco Scandella having Corsi For Percentage’s above 60%, half of the top 2 pairings had the puck well over half of the time they were on the ice.  Suter lead the way, in points, with 4, in 6 games.

Their respective partners, on the blueline, Jonas Brodin and Jared Spurgeon were no slouches, either.  Both had Corsi shares near 60%.

Even the 3rd pairing, of  was very good, with Corsi shares, above 50%, even though they literally contributed 0 points.  You could have much worse play, out of a 3rd pairing, though.

While the defenseman, of the Wild played extremely well, in the 1st round, they really aren’t quite on the level of the Hawks defensive core.  Although the playoff numbers say otherwise, it’s extremely doubtful that Minnesota’s blueliners will be able to put up numbers anywhere near that, in the 2nd round, against the Hawks.  The Hawks are able to more comfortably roll 3 defensive pairings, throughout the game, while the Wild basically roll 2, while the 3rd cleans up, the left over ice-time.