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Blackhawks Tame Wild: G1 Highlights

By Joe Kremel

Blackhawks Open The Scoring 1-0  –  PPG – Bryan Bickell (3) Tip-in – ASST: Brent Seabrook (5), Marian Hossa (2)

So it looks like the Blackhawks watched some tapes on how they were scoring goals.  Bickell is doing his best impression of Shaw as he sets up shop in front of Bryz.  He gives Jared Spurgeon a little bump before he tips in Seabrook’s blast.

Blackhawks Make It 2-0  –  PPG – Marian Hossa (2) Wrist shot – ASST: Brandon Saad (5), Nick Leddy (2)

Saad makes a great move to get open for Leddy, and then becomes a white sweater magnet drawing the whole Wild team to him.  He is fully aware of this fact and dishes the puck off to a completely wide open Marian Hossa.  Which is a man you should probably not leave that open 7 feet out from the net. You’re welcome for that tip, Wild PK unit.

BlackHawks Regain The Lead 3-2  –  Patrick Kane (4) Backhand shot – ASST: Patrick Sharp (1), Brent Seabrook (6)

This is just gross.  That backhander is nonhuman.  I can sit there trying to get that lift with that velocity and it probably will never happen in a life time.  I’ll just use the excuse that I’m a goalie so I should’t be able to anyway.  I assure you it’s just an excuse.

Jonas Brodin was a pain last year, but he was a blessing in last nights game.  He had two penalties that the Blackhawks converted on and then this play.  He either over-skated Kaner, or he bit extremely hard on that fake drop pass.  Either way, the Wild need him to be better, and the Hawks wouldn’t mind him not changing a thing.  Well… aside from our players faces, they probably appreciate less damage.

Blackhawks Go Up 4-2  –  Patrick Kane (5) Wrist shot – ASST: Ben Smith (2), Patrick Sharp (2)

Sharp had a few assists last night, but the star of this play is Ben Smith.  I don’t see him ever looking to ever actually see Kane there, but if he did do that deflection on purpose, then that is sick.  Kane had an easy tap in at that point.  Smith has done a lot of things right this season and continues to do a solid job.

Blackhawks Finish The Wild 5-2  –  EN – Bryan Bickell (4) Wrist shot – ASST: Jonathan Toews (5), Marian Hossa (3)

Hossa and Toews pick up a few more points as Bickell gets the lay-up.  While empty net goals aren’t glorious they are pretty effective at putting that final nail in the coffin.