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Chicago Blackhawks Milk Carton Nominee

By Keith Schultz

Jan 28, 2014; Calgary, Alberta, CAN; Chicago Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville reacts to a call during the second period against the Calgary Flames at Scotiabank Saddledome. Mandatory Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

The Blackhawks milk carton has been retired for most of the season, but let’s break it out hopefully just this once for us to talk about last night’s contest between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Minnesota Wild.

The Blackhawks have been historically bad in the win loss column in the first road game of any playoff series, with the Blackhawks losing the first road game of a series since the 2010 playoffs so the fact that the Blackhawks lost last night isn’t too surprising in the Toews/Kane era.

The problem heading into Game #3 is that Joel Quenneville started over thinking things or reading all of the Chicago press posts about how Quenneville has been pushing all the right buttons last night.  His comment in the afternoon made you wonder about more than who would be playing on the fourth line Brandon Bollig or Jeremy Morin when he said they had a few questions to answer.

The biggest thing to question is how Nick Leddy finds the doghouse in the playoffs every year.  Leddy had to suffer through an entire season of rotating D-men partners for the whole 82 game slate, but like last season Leddy has found himself in the Q Dog house.  The replacement was #ProjectBrookbank and while the fact that Brookbank is reliable and will not doing anything crazy, Leddy has the speed and offensive ability to make things happen, but last night was all about slowing the pace down.

This is the biggest question mark about last night! Since when does Quenneville ever slow down the pace! Pace is what the Blackhawks are all about and taking the crowd out of the game is easier with a 2 or 3 goal lead then just slowing the game down! The Hawks need to get back to their game in Game #4 and who cares if it leads to a few more odd man breaks if the Hawks are created a lot more quality scoring chances.

Sure, the Andrew Shaw injury has thrown the lineup into a loop, but Brandon Bollig and Joakim Nordstrom shouldn’t be on the ice and Jeremy Morin should be to score goals instead of super defensive responsibility .  The offense in the bottom two lines which use to be a plus is now a huge negative with those lines in flux not getting a lot of ice time and when they are on the ice not playing to score but playing only defense.

Quenneville has his fingers fully planted on this roster this year as if he’s personally trying to will each win. Quenneville’s didn’t push the right buttons last night, but he’s won 2 Stanley Cups and is shooting for a third, but his decisions last night are the reasons to put him squarely on the Blackhawk Milk Carton!

Play your best line up and play with PACE!!! Win playing Blackhawks hockey Q!!!

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