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Chicago Blackhawks Look To Rebound In Game 4

By Josh Brink
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The Chicago Blackhawks Game 3 loss vs the Minnesota Wild may have looked a lot worse on the score sheet than how the game actually went during 3 periods of play. After suffering their first loss in 7 games, the Chicago Blackhawks will look to rebound in Game 4 of the NHL Playoffs. I actually got the chance to attend my first NHL Playoff game after a 9 hour road trip to Excel Energy Center for Game 3, where the fans made their presence known early and frequently. I would like to share with you some of the sights and play that the Blackhawks will need to improve on to rebound successfully.

The Chicago Blackhawks play through the first 40 minutes was pretty much toe to toe vs. the Wild. It seemed like the Blackhawks had the better opportunities on scoring and putting the puck in the net while the Wild were hitting hard and more frequently in an attempt to control them. Half way through the first period Duncan Keith had a rocketed slap shot ricochet and emit a loud ting off the crossbar that had everyone in the crowd sighing. Then again in the beginning of the second period a shot from the point bounced off the goalie and Jonathan Toews whacked at the free puck a couple times but could not get it past Ilya Bryzgalov. Late in the second period Toews also rang one off the crossbar himself after a quick flip from the right side. However, it was the Wild that struck first after scoring early in the third period with a tick tack toe play and ended up running away with the game from there. I liked the attempts and the opportunities from the Hawks and sometimes in hockey it’s all about that one game where you get that bounce or break that makes the difference. If the Blackhawks can come out in Game 4 with those shots again and keep at it they can possibly steal that first goal and momentum of the game. Quieting the fans quick and early should definitely be in the Hawks minds and agenda.