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7 Chicago Blackhawks Fan Reactions

By JoHannah Lowder

May 4, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks right wing Marian Hossa (81) celebrates after assisting on a goal against the Minnesota Wild during game two of the second round of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs at United Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

When we heard the Chicago Blackhawks would face the Minnesota Wild in the second round of the playoffs, most Blackhawks fans wouldn’t have predicted a series like the one that was. There were a few standout moments that didn’t exactly go according to plan, and other moments that were better than expected.

At the start of the series, most Blackhawks fans would have guessed the Blackhawks would eventually take the series against Minnesota. Winning the first two games 5-2 and 4-1 may have given us a boost in confidence and the desire to see our team face all that the Wild had to offer.

Giving up a two game lead isn’t something we’re used to. Those “easy” wins were useless and we were back at square one. All we could think was “Please don’t be the Blues, please don’t be the Blues…”

Then came a little more of what we weren’t used to – the Blackhawks being outshot by the opponent and only getting a few shots on net. I mean, we were facing Ilya Bryzgalov. Just get the pucks on him and a few will go in! But no, that wasn’t the game plan.

Finally, Game 6 looked like the Blackhawks wanted to win the series when they were the first to light up the scoreboard in what seemed like weeks, but was actually just two games. It’s always nice to check the score at work and see your team is in the lead!

The Wild turned out to be a pretty crazy-good puck possession team, and Corey Crawford had to make some scary-awesome saves to keep his team in the series. Too many times, the puck was one its way in until we realized that Crawford’s flashy glove or slick pads and stick made the save.

We were pretty impressed with Crawford’s awesomeness, but Minnesota fans weren’t. We had to listen to their “Craaaawfoooord” chants that made no sense. I mean, they had Bryzgalov. That made their chants unintentionally too amusing.

And finally, the Wild gave the Blackhawks a run for their money in a series that was a little more difficult and frustrating that we would have guessed. But in the end, Patrick Kane (who else?) came through and let Crawford make this phone call to all Wild fans.

What were some of your most memorable moments from the Minnesota/Chicago series?

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