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A Statistical Look Back at the 2013-2014 Chicago Blackhawks Forwards

By Brian Kinkade
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Jan 12, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks right wing Patrick Kane (88) moves the puck with center Jonathan Toews (19) against the Edmonton Oilers during the second period at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

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After the smoke has settled on the disappointing end to a great season, for the 2013-2014 Chicago Blackhawks, we are left here sorting through the pieces as we look back at the 2013-2014 campaign.

That “sorting” is more like evaluating.  Evaluating what went right, what went wrong, and where the Hawks can and should look to improve.

Here we will evaluate the statistics of the individual players on the 2013-2014 Hawks.  We will look at the typical goals, assists, and points, as well as Corsi For Percentage.  Specifically speaking, we will look at Corsi For Percentage, in 5-0n-5 situations, when the score was close.

For those who do not know, Corsi, it is basically a more accurate +/- rating.  A Corsi event is any type of shot attempt.  This includes: shots on goal, shots missed, and shots blocked.  The thinking here is that for a team to have a Corsi event means that at that moment, that team had moved the puck into their opponents defensive zone and was able to make an attempt to score a goal.  Whether they scored or didn’t score does not matter, since it’s goal is to measure puck possession.

Corsi For Percentage is the percentage share of all Corsi events for and against.  Obviously the maximum Corsi For Percentage a team or player can have is 100%.  A 50% Corsi For Percentage means that there was an even split in attempts on net, for the team/player and their opponent.

So basically, a 50% Corsi For Percentage is solid, and anything above 50% is more or less a job well done.  More goes into Corsi than that, but the intention of this article isn’t to dive into the depths of the sea of Corsi.

Here we will be evaluating the forwards, of the Blackhawks and how they did during the regular season, and the playoffs.

Here’s how they fared during the regular season.

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Here’s what sticks out.

Although Bryan Bickell didn’t produce much offense during the regular season, he had an excellent CF%.  Yes, much of that is largely due to his supporting cast, but his play was hardly detrimental to the team.

Patrick Sharp had a career year, in 2013-2014.

Jeremy Morin.  What else can be said that hasn’t already been said about him.  The guy has earned his roster spot, on this team.

It’s quite remarkable that everyone is above 50%.  Especially players like Marcus Kruger and Brandon Bollig who usually start their shifts in their own zone, which is obviously very conducive to opponents piling on Corsi events.

Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toewsand Marian Hossa are right where they should be.  Solid possession numbers and lots of points.

It’s scary to think of what Kane would do and what his CF% would be with more complimentary line mates.

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