Greetings Blackhawks Fans

By Chris Schubert

Jun 1, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks left wing Patrick Sharp (10) celebrates with teammates after scoring a goal against the Los Angeles Kings during the second period in game seven of the Western Conference Final of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs at United Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

It is a pleasure to be apart of the BlackhawkUp team and to get started writing about the hockey team that I love. But first, a little bit about me.

My name is Chris Schubert, a 20-year-old college junior studying journalism at Arizona State University and fan of baseball and hockey. I was born, raised and currently live in New York (Long Island to be exact), but I support the Hawks like I support my New York Mets.

Speaking of my support for the Hawks, the story of how I started to follow this team is an interesting one. I was born in August of 1994, well after the Rangers had won the Stanley Cup. Since that time neither the Rangers or Islanders were really relevant in terms of being competitive year after year.

And to add to that, hockey wasn’t a sport I watch much as a kid. Fast forward to the 2004-2005 lockout. Still not a hockey fan at this time, but it would soon change. The lockout ended and hockey was back to being played. Being the sports fan that I was, SportsCenter was on my television screen most of the time. I would see hockey scores flash across the screen and for whatever reason , one team name jumped out and grabbed the attention of my 10-year-old self: the Blackhawks. Now being on the east coast, watching a team from the mid-west in 2006 wasn’t possible. So box-scores and the internet would have to do.

Then, as the team started to get better and get more national attention, a game would appear on NBC that I could sit down and watch. Present day, I subscribe to NHL Gamecenter and watch all 82 games in the comfort of my living room or dorm room.

I have never been to the United Center, a bucket list item that is close to if not at the top. All of my Blackhawks experience in person were as the road team, in other teams buildings getting heckled by the locals.

Now, 10 years since I picked this team from the Windy City, I combined my passion for writing and journalism with my love for the Blackhawks. Hopefully, those of you that will read my writings will enjoy my perspective on the Hawks and the game of hockey itself.

Well enough about me, the Hawks have a long and interesting summer ahead of them and we are all along for the ride.

Let’s Go Hawks!