Throwback Thursday: Bill Mosienko

By Josh Brink
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Bill Mosienko poses after scoring an NHL record 3 goals in 21 seconds (Photo courtesy of

Bill Mosienko – November 2, 1921 – July 9, 1994

Chicago Blackhawks Career – 1941-1955

Games – 711

Goals – 258

Assists – 282

NHL record fastest hat trick (21 seconds)

Hall of Fame Class of 1965

Bill Mosienko was an NHL Hall of Fame right-winger who played his entire 14 year career back when the Chicago Blackhawks were still called the Black Hawks. His claim to fame is the record which still stands to this day. On March 23, 1952 the Chicago Black Hawks were trailing the New York Rangers 6-2 in the third period when Bill Mosienko stole the show. He miraculously scored a hat trick in a matter of 21 seconds which helped lead the Blackhawks to a 7-6 victory. The grainy video can still be seen here as he zips and cuts through traffic using his speed and agility to score the record setters. It has been widely said that his record is one that may never be broken. So far the closest to do so was Jean Beliveau in 1955 with three goals in 44 seconds. (Video courtesy of

Even though the Black Hawks only made it to the postseason 4 times during his 14 year tenure and he never won a Stanley Cup, Bill Mosienko still put together a solid career worthy of a Hall of Fame selection.  His career got off to a quick start in his first game as a Black Hawk after he scored 2 goals in 21 seconds. On February 9, 1942, a young 20 year-old Mosienko was called up due to the depleted roster. This was in result of most of the team and players in the NHL being sent off to action in WWII. Shortly thereafter due to travel restrictions of the time, he was not allowed to cross into the United States from Canada which prevented him from playing with the Black Hawks team. He did play in two games when they were on the road in Toronto where he scored 2 goals.