Patrick Sharp Trade Rumors: Fan Reaction GIFs

By JoHannah Lowder

With NHL draft day approaching and trades flying everywhere across the NHL, there are bound to be some crazy rumors floating around the league. The Patrick Sharp trade rumor was one. Sharp has been one of the “core” members of the Blackhawks since the “core” became a thing in 2010, and fans have lived with the belief that he would always be in Chicago. Before Sharp’s agent squelched the trade rumor, Chicago Blackhawks fans reacted in different ways.

When we believed Sharp’s trade was a possibility…

When we heard it was just a rumor and Sharp was staying in Chicago…

Thankfully the rumor was just a rumor – one that caused Sharp’s agent and fans a little bit of turmoil, but not evidently true.

How did you react to the Patrick Sharp trade rumor?

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