Throwback Thursday: Chris Chelios

By Josh Brink
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Chicago Blackhawks Captain Chris Chelios (Photo courtesy of

Chris Chelios

Chicago Blackhawks Career – (1990-1999)

Games – 664

Goals – 92

Assists – 395

+/-  +157

Playoffs – 266 games, 31 goals, 113 assists for a total of 144 points while adding 423 PIM.

Chicago Blackhawks Captain (1995-1999)

Hockey Hall of Fame Class of 2013

Hello everyone, I hope your Throwback Thursday is going well for you so far and if it isn’t maybe this read will bring some throwback memories of Chris Chelios and his Chicago Blackhawks playing days. To make things even better, there is only 1 remaining day until the weekend!

Chris Chelios was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens during the 1981 NHL Entry Draft not so coincidently after growing three inches and adding 40 extra pounds of muscle. This happened following being cut twice from Junior B teams in Canada. When Chris Chelios was asked about his situation in Canada after being cut he said, “I wasn’t any bigger or any better than the other guys, so they weren’t going to take a kid from the States when they could have a local guy.” So Chelios somewhat took matters in his hand getting stronger and got that extra growth spurt he needed. (Quote courtesy of

It wasn’t until 1990 when the Chicago Blackhawks would unite with Chris Chelios and he would play for his hometown team. This unity happened on June 29, 1990 after Chris Chelios and a second round draft pick were dealt to Chicago from Montreal in exchange for a future Hall of Famer, Denis Savard. When Chelios arrived to the Blackhawks he was in top form, tallying 12 goals and 52 assists while earning 192 PIM in 77 games played. He definitely fit right in with the group of player’s already in place and proved he was one of the top defensive players in the NHL.