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Top 5 Most Hated Players in the Central Division

By Andrew Gregory
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Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

#4 David Backes- St. Louis Blues

Backes became infamous, especially in Chicago, when he went on his “Team Canada fighting spree”. He started off putting a hard hit on Jonathan Toews. The two did a little jousting back and forth before dropping the gloves. Toews was a little out of his element, and it showed. Backes also fought Corey Perry and Rick Nash, who were both on Team Canada. The Toews fight is below:

#3 Steve Ott- St. Louis Blues

Steve Ott can definitely be considered an agitator. He will get in your head. He will put on a hard hit. He will lick your visor? During this years Stanley Cup Playoffs, he put a very big, dirty hit on Duncan Keith knocking him into the boards and nearly injuring him. Most thought it should have been a penalty. Here is the hit, judge for yourself:

#2 Max Lapierre- St. Louis Blues

I know, I know, another Blues player. Well I just can’t help that they have some of the most hated players in the NHL! Maybe I’m biased just a little. Lapierre just gets under my skin. Every time I see him play I just beg somebody to knock the ratty little smirk off of his face. He’s always taunting and smirking. Below is a hit from behind he put on Dan Boyle of the Sharks, and another video of some of his many agitating faces.