Throwback Thursday: Jeremy Roenick

By Josh Brink
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Chicago Blackhawks C Jeremy Roenick (Photo courtesy of

The next year during the 1990-91 season Roenick helped the team excel even further and they captured the Presidents’ Trophy. He was able to improve his numbers to 41 goals and 53 assists. These numbers during the year helped him earn the honors of being selected and playing in his first NHL All-Star Game. During the playoffs he scored 8 points during their 6 games played but the Blackhawks fell in the first round to the Minnesota North Stars, despite winning the Presidents’ Trophy.

In the 1991-92 season Roenick improved his statistics once again shoveling out 53 goals and 50 assists. This was the first time in his NHL career where he broke the 100 point mark during the regular season. Jeremy Roenick along with several other Blackhawks players had amazing years and got even better as the playoffs progressed. They finally had made it to the Stanley Cup Finals but just couldn’t get it done. Mario Lemieux and the Pittsburgh Penguins were just too good and beat the Chicago Blackhawks in the series 4-0, in 4 very close games. Roenick gave it his best scoring 22 points in only 18 games.

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The following season during the 1992-93 campaign Jeremy Roenick scored 50 goals and 57 assists for a career high 107 points. Of his 50 goals, 22 just so happened to be on the power-play he crafted so well. The Hawks glided into the playoffs once again winning the Norris Division title for the 3rd in 4 years. The playoffs went well for Roenick scoring 3 points in 4 games but it wasn’t good enough for the Blackhawks after they were swept by the St. Louis Blues.

During the 1993-94 season Jeremy Roenick led the team in goals with 46 and also set a career high mark with 61 assists which tied his career high points total from last season with 107. He also anted up his career-high power-play goals, scoring 24 on the season. The Blackhawks made the playoffs once again and he put up the numbers we became accustomed to, 7 points in 6 games.