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Chicago Blackhawks: Top Five Old Stadium Road Trip Destinations

By Keith Schultz
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Growing up in the 80’s I got to watch some of my favorite Chicago Blackhawks of all-time play in one of the greatest hockey stadiums ever the Chicago Stadium.  It was loud, full of history and well didn’t have anything modern about it which is why the United Center was built.  The Stadium was THE Madhouse on Madison Street and it was the best place ever to watch hockey, but looking back there are a few Old Barns I wish we could have taken a road trip on to see the Blackhawks play.  I’ve seen some great old baseball stadium like Wrigley and Old Comiskey we even made it to old Busch Stadium and the pretty dumpy Jack Murphy once, but here is my list of 5 old hockey stadiums I wish I would have seen before they were put into retirement or destroyed.

5. Boston Garden

Boston Garden was one that everyone talked about from

Bobby Orr


Phil Esposito

to the parquet  floor for the Celtics. The home team allegedly messed around with room temperatures in the very cramped visiting locker room which added to its reputation as a tough place to win at for the road team. The one thing about the old stadiums is that the dressing rooms were not right behind the benches as you can see in this classic Bobby Orr video