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Chicago Blackhawks: Top Five Old Stadium Road Trip Destinations

By Keith Schultz
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4. The Igloo

Of course the Igloo doesn’t have the type of history other ancient old buildings have and I know it was a house of horrors for the Blackhawks especially in the 1992 Finals when

Jaromir Jagr

a very young player was able to help

Mario Lemieux

beat our Blackhawks.  The Igloo is just a building that would have been fun to see from a distance or close up because it was a strange building to see, and it would have been great to watch the great players of the late 80’s and early 90’s square off against each other.  Sadly the igloo was demolished

3. Maple Leaf Gardens

Toronto still played in Maple Leaf Gardens when I was growing up and no matter who was announcing the game they always talked about the history of the building and to many Canadians it was their shrine to hockey.  There is so much to do in Toronto from a hockey aspect including the Hockey Hall of Fame that getting to see the Blackhawks in Maple Leafs Garden would have been a huge bonus.  There hasn’t been a Stanley Cup won in Toronto since their hey days in Maple Leaf Gardens and it would have been a great place to take a road trip to see the Hawks play.