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Chicago Blackhawks: Top Five Old Stadium Road Trip Destinations

By Keith Schultz
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2. CheckerDome

The Blackhawks sold the building to the expansion franchise owner in 1967 and the Checkerdome which had many names became a hockey arena. I’m sure since it was in St. Louis it was a dump to begin with but from all accounts it was and was in constant renovation.  The thing about the Checkerdome was how many games I listened to Pat Foley and

Dale Tallon

call from that arena that I wish I could have made one road trip there to wear the Blackhawks red and cheer for the Hawks, and maybe gone back to Six Flags who knows.  The Checkerdome name was always interesting and the nosebleed sections were supposedly truly nose bleeds.  It’s the Blues old home so it makes my top 5 list and of course it’s an apartment complex today. Here is an old commercial from St. Louis

1. Montreal Forum

Montreal would have been a great road trip especially in the 60’s and 70’s to see the all-time greats from both the Blackhawks and Canadiens  in a great building with nothing but Stanley Cup Banners and All-time Greats numbers hanging from the rafters. Here is the closing ceremony of the Forum in 1996. The greatest of the great played at the Forum in hockey history and watching the Blackhawks play there would have been a special treat.

Where you ever able to watch the Blackhawks in any of these great old barns? Which stadium would have you wanted to watch the Blackhawks play in from the past?

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