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Blackhawks Top 100: #49 Murray Bannerman

By Keith Schultz

We’re heading into the dog days of the offseason, counting the days until the Chicago Blackhawks 2014 Season kicks off. We’re going to do a Top 100 list of all time Chicago Blackhawks. It’s a fun way to pass the time and take a stroll down Memory Lane.

Murray Bannerman– 1980-1987





Goals Against Average-3.83%





Bannerman is one of my favorite names and players of my childhood and probably ranks a little higher in the Top 100 countdown than he’s should but I was a huge fan.  In a land before Twitter, Facebook, 24 Hour Sports Talk Radio, and an era before everyone had cable television, the Blackhawks games were mainly aired on the radio thanks to Bill Wirtz.

During that time Bannerman was in net for the Blackhawks and Pat Foley made Bannerman larger than life yelling out his name after every big save, it was almost bizarre to watch a hockey game that wasn’t involving the Blackhawks to hear the words Big Save and Bannerman not included.

When you look at Bannerman’s career stats I’m shocked that he was below .500 and it seemed liked he played for my entire childhood and he really only played 5 big seasons with one great playoff run that ended like most seasons in the 80’s with a Conference Finals loss to the Edmonton Oilers.

Bannerman’s career came to end in 1987 and the Hawks wouldn’t have another great goalie until Eddie Belfour came to town.

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Bannerman may not be the greatest Blackhawks goalie but he was my favorite goalie growing up so he ends up at #49 in our countdown.  What do you think? Too high or Too low?  Either way do you have any great Bannerman memories?

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