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And the Award for Best NHL Logo Goes To…

By Ericka McFee

Jun 11, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; A general view of the Chicago Blackhawks logo on the ice during media day in preparation for game one of the 2013 Stanley Cup Fina against the Boston Bruins at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

And the Award for Best NHL Logo Goes To…

ICYMI – Over the past month, the Hockey News has been running a sort of rankings countdown of the NHL logos, going from worst to best. Yesterday, they crowned the champion, the team with the best logo in the league. Can you guess who topped that list? As my mother used to say, you get three guesses, but two won’t count.

Of course, the winner was our very own Chicago Blackhawks.

The THN panel gave its reasons for putting the Indian Head at the top spot:

"We didn’t want history to influence our decisions. The Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens sit outside the top 10 for that reason. Ranking all the Original Six 1-6 is boring, predictable and doesn’t accomplish what we wanted to do here: reward the best logos, not the longest history.Even still, the Chicago Blackhawks stood up to that measurement. The vibrant color combination and the respectful way it honors a WWI battalion and a Native American chief sets this logo apart from the rest. If we handed out the Three Stars of these logo rankings, the Blackhawks logo would be one, two and three."

In its subsequent discussion of the logo’s history, the article also touched upon the controversy surrounding the use Native Americans in sports logos. They reminded readers that, unlike the Cleveland Indians or Washington Redskins, the logo doesn’t involve a cartoon caricature or an offensive moniker. Indeed, the team was named after a military unit in which the team’s founder Frederic McLaughlin served, which in turn was named after the proud Sauk Indian chief who fought against the Americans in an attempt to reclaim land.

But, on a different level, the imagery evokes the history of the team’s struggles and triumphs. Of the many long years fans have suffered, and of the 180-degree turn toward enormous success and talks of a dynasty.

What do you think, Blackhawks fans? Taking it for granted that you’d probably have put the team’s logo at the top as well, how would you have ranked the other logos after it?

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