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Blackhawks Top 100- #44 Bill Hay

By Keith Schultz

We’re heading into the dog days of the offseason, counting the days until the Chicago Blackhawks 2014 Season kicks off. We’re going to do a Top 100 list of all time Chicago Blackhawks. It’s a fun way to pass the time and take a stroll down Memory Lane.

Bill Hay 1959-1967





Penalty Minutes-243






Penalty Minutes-62

Stanley Cups-1

Bill Hay was another great gift from the Montreal Canadiens in the 1950’s since their team and system was so stacked with talent the Blackhawks were the beneficiary a couple times of all-time greats including Hay who the Hawks purchased from Montreal for $25,000 and it was a great investment for Chicago.

Hay came to Chicago and was immediately thrown on a line with Bobby Hull and Murray Balfour forming one of the most talented lines in the NHL Original 6 which of course in those days earned them a nickname “The Million Dollar Line”

In 1961 Hay was one of the leaders of the team and even though he didn’t wear the “C” and was the quarterback of the Blackhawks very good powerplay.  Hay was a very talented player that had the skill set to be able to play with Bobby Hull.  In the end as we all know that pretty young 61 team went on to win the Stanley Cup.

Hay was not a spectacular scorer but he was very consistent in his 8 seasons with the Blackhawks averaging around 50 points a season with his best year coming in 61-62 when he had 63 points.

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Hay ends up in our countdown at 44! What do you think? Too high or Too Low for a Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup winner.

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