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Chicago Blackhawks Trivia Tuesday!

By Josh Brink
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Chicago Blackhawks Bobby Hull a.k.a. The Golden Jet

C. 3

If you answered 3 you are correct! Bobby Hull, Al Secord, and Jeremy Roenick are the three players who scored 50 or more goals in a single season while playing for the Chicago Blackhawks. Bobby Hull did so on 5 different occasions in 1961-62 (50), 1965-66 (54), 1966-67 (52), 1968-69 (58), and 1971-72 (50). Al Secord did it once during the 1982-83 season when he scored 54. In back to back seasons Jeremy Roenick was able to do it during the 1991-92 season with 53 and again during the 1992-93 season scoring 50.

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