Rockford Icehogs

2014-15 AHL Rockford IceHogs Schedule Released

By Cindy Crawford

After great anticipation and a lot of rearranging, the AHL 2014-15 Rockford IceHogs Schedule is released. A few AHL teams share their home venues with other sports teams causing a delay in the preparing of the schedule. Get ready Rockford IceHogs fans, the “bench clearing” games against the Grand Rapids Griffins and the Milwaukee Admirals are on the calendar. Just as the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Redwings rivalry, the Griffins and the IceHogs prove to be a glove-dropping, and at times apparently bench clearing, spectacle of a hockey game. Not that I enjoy fights, but it’s hockey and I do enjoy hockey. It’s been two games in the last two seasons, the other being against the Admirals, that the IceHogs have had all players out on the ice dropping their gloves in one huge fisticuff. Let the excitement begin.


10/11                        Milwaukee at Rockford                7:00 pm CDT
10/16                        Rockford at Adirondack              7:00 pm EDT
10/18                        Rockford at Hamilton                  7:00 pm EDT
10/19                        Rockford at Toronto                     3:00 pm EDT
10/25                        Chicago at Rock                             7:00 pm CDT
10/26                        Lake Erie at Rockford                   4:00 pm CDT
10/29                        Rockford at Grand Rapids           7:00 pm EDT
10/31                        Rockford at San Antonio               7:30 pm CDT


11/1                        Rockford at San Antonio               7:00 pm CDT
11/4                        Lake Erie at Rockford                    7:00 pm CST
11/6                        Rockford at Iowa                           10:30 am CST
11/8                        Grand Rapids at Rockford            7:00 pm CST
11/14                      Milwaukee at Rockford                  7:00 pm CST
11/15                      Rockford at Milwaukee                  7:00 pm CST
11/16                      Texas at Rockford                           4:00 pm CST
11/21                      Iowa at Rockford                             7:00 pm CST
11/22                      Milwaukee at Rockford                 7:00 pm CST
11/23                      Rockford at Chicago                      4:00 pm CST
11/26                      Iowa at Rockford                            7:00 pm CST
11/28                      Chicago at Rockford                      7:00 pm CST

Don’t miss any of the action. All Rockford IceHogs games can be seen live on 23.2 Antenna TV.  In the Rockford area, you can find them on Comcast Cable 436, Charter Cable 193, and Mediacom 101. If you have DIRECTV, you can purchase an “Off Air Tuner” in order to receive Antenna TV and local programming.

Let’s Go Hogs!